Final Boss Week

Wow, it’s May already? Here’s what’s new with me. (Spoilers for Endgame and GoT follow…) COMIC. I’ve done more writing than drawing this month. I have the entirety of the first nine issues of Cold Reset scripted. 184 pages long. Took me a fair few days to smash that out but I’m stopping there for … More Final Boss Week

New everything.

Hi. CIRCUS. “The Eye” is complete. Finally. It’s done. It’s out there. It’s a nice bookmark in the story. I’ll come back to it soon. Exclusive info: The next chapter will be titled “6349;FLESHWOUND” Make of that what you will. COLD RESET. Holy gorgonzoly! A Cold Reset update? In MY blog? Well I never! Get … More New everything.


Hot diggity damn. It’s been a while since I posted but man have I had a fun few weeks. Why? I’ll tell you why! I recently bombed through all of Twin Peaks, from the beginning of the 1990 series to the end of the 2017 revival. And damn am I inspired and just in total … More TP.